Future Energy Systems

The ‘future energy’ industry includes companies that are producing new, innovative technologies that can replace conventional fuels in electricity generation, heating (hot water/space heating) and cooling, and transportation.  

Renewable energy technology development spans many industries, including oil and gas, electronics & high tech, chemical, biotechnology, and auto manufacturing. There are also standalone renewable energy companies whose only business model is to develop renewable energy technology.  

Although renewable energy technologies are being developed by multiple industries, the actions to improve the production processes or the necessary policy actions and financing mechanism to enable expansion are common across most industries.

As United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon wrote prior to the 2012 World Future Energy Summit,

“Energy transforms lives, businesses and economies.... To succeed, we need everyone at the table - governments, the private sector, and civil society - all working together to accomplish what none can do alone.... The obstacles are not so much technical as human. We need to raise sustainable energy to the top of the global agenda and focus our attention, ingenuity, resources, and investments to make it a reality.”

Addressing the world’s energy needs is a way to advance society and also to advance sustainable value creation for the renewable energy industry – while balancing positive economic, environmental, and social gains across the globe.

The greenXchange, its member companies and consultants, work in a wide range of 'future energy system' disciplines, and are avilable for consultancy projects with your organisation.